31 October 2015
Happy Halloween, everybody! Here at The Zoology Zone, there’s only one way to celebrate the day of monsters, and that’s with monsters. That’s right, it’s the Wonderful World Zone of Cryptozoology! And here at The Zoology Zone, when we talk cryptozoology, we’ve got one rule: you’ve gotta be Scully. What the hell does that mean? Find out with today's spooky feature, Being Dana Scully: Saving Cryptozoology from Pseudoscience!

30 October 2015
I would like to apologize for the lengthy unannounced hiatus. This is quite the comprehensive side-project for someone with no time and no money to do alone. I would love to do nothing more than ramble about how rad bonobos are all day long, but life gets in the way. Well, we’re back back. There’s a new article coming tomorrow, and a State of the Site Address coming in the near future. Changes are coming, but The Zoology Zone isn’t going anywhere.

2 August 2015
I normally transcribe in-depth studies from science journals and rave about bonobos, but for once, I’m gonna be topical and get in with the talk of the town. Without further ado, here’s my opinion On the Controversy over Cecil the Lion.

2 August 2015
Now, I generally avoid Wacky-Paranormal-Bullshit, as it makes me feel more like a mediocre talk show host, but this was just too fucking funny for me not to cover. This is not science by any means, but I think it’s fun to do a comedy piece every now and then. So, let this be the inaugural comedy piece! Woman is TOTALLY boning a bigfoot. COMPLETELY NOT BULLSHIT!

27 July 2015
Ready for a news story? No? Well, what if I told you it was about a genome sequence on the humble kiwi, done by the the University of Leipzig? Cool, because that’s exactly what it’s about. Here it is, Understanding New Zealand: A Genome Sequence of the Kiwi. Rock on, New Zealand.

16 July 2015
Stony Brook University did a fascinating study on how human and chimpanzee hands compare to those of our last common ancestor. There's sure to be suspense, action, and shitty hand-related puns in this Zoology Zone news article. Here it is, Duking it Out: Comparative Evolution of Chimpanzee and Human Hands.

2 July 2015
The BBC recently aired a program with President Attenborough interviewing Sir David Attenborough, and I decided to review it. REVIEW - President Obama Meets Sir David Attenborough.

14 June 2015
This isn’t a substantial update, but it may be something of a preview for things to come. As of right now, I just wanted to share something. If you look at this site, meaning you somehow found a site that nobody knows about, then you probably like animals at least a little. You probably already know this, but there are now only five northern white rhinoceros left on the planet. That’s sad, especially since it’s the fault of our species. I would like to plug the fine conservationists at Save the Rhino to anyone interested in helping. I have no intention of preaching to people about what they should do with their money, but in my humble opinion, this is a fine cause. Please take a look around their site, at least. They’re doing some amazing things in the fight against poaching.

Fuck poachers.

13 June 2015
Here's the first official Zoology Zone article. Some may enjoy it, some may be indifferent, and some may use it as evidence for me being insane. It's a little piece where I ramble on about bonobos for a little while without actually going anywhere productive. So I ask you, How Bodacious are Bonobos?

13 June 2015
Welcome to The Zoology Zone. As you can see, this the inaugural update for the formal introduction of this little corner of the Internet I've thrown together. I'm Mike, and I'll be your guide through this zone. I'm nobody important. I just some guy with a really offbeat writing style who really likes animals and wants to waste his time writing about them, hoping that you folks at home will want to read my writings. Don't think of this as a blog, just think of it as an extremely unprofessional science journal without any of the peer-reviewed quality. Feel free to keep an eye on this site as more content comes, and don't forget to join the forums. You can forget that bit about me not being important, as I think this makes me at least as important as Mahatma Gandhi.

I kid, of course. Just put the bat'leth down.

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